3. Transforming your Business Model


MutAgile offers a customized business model based on innovative approaches. The main purpose is to create value in Identified Market Niches while addressing specialized public and private customer segments.

The main advantage of partnering with MutAgile Ltd. & Co. KG is to reduce risk and uncertainty while creating value. It does require a common understanding of a value driven business model. How do you value the pricing of a green productive world should help defining our common project goals.

Building blocks of revenue streams for our clients required: Personal support, disruptive technologies, agile business project management and joint-conception of projects and businesses.

Doing business with MutAgile starts with awareness and project appraisal with stakeholders. Offering or purchase goods and services, delivering effective results with after-sales management are further preconditions for getting the ‘job’ done.

Value-added services to both Governments and private entities may not necessarily end up with the usual investment based on 100 % down payment with sometimes new debt rescheduling headaches. Alternative solutions for productive capacity transfers and productive capability diffusion require a mix of lending, renting and leasing with gradual transfer of full or partial licensing package. MutAgile could identify those alternatives for you. Access to a new permission to use protected intellectual property in exchange of licensing fees is a good example of MutAgile deals. The concept simply favors the leapfrogging of weakly and emerging industrialized economies while neutralizing the usual destructive competition approach.

Consultancy coaching fees becomes a subscription fees for a short-term co-management of specific glocal (global and local) projects. Fixed menu pricing or dynamic pricing heavily depends on the overall MutAgile negotiation facilities which is oriented towards the satisfaction of our clients.

MutAgile’s alternative forms of business models contribute to agility and mutability in transforming coopetitive landscapes across industries. Seven interdependent key modus operandi are of particular importance in achieving mutability:

  1. The coordination of a glocal grid of experts;
  2. The operationalization of competition and cooperation (coopetition);
  3. The importance of ‘Doing business’ with State, regions and municipalities while limiting risk for private investors;
  4. The rebalancing role of the African Diaspora in the competitive multicultural economy;
  5. The creation of unexpected value taking advantages with strategic alliances between non-competitors using agile joint-ventures to jointly mutate;
  6. The forward-looking transformation of shareholder primacy to stakeholder primacy; and
  7. The new interest for rating and doing business with agglomerated municipalities mixing autonomy and integration without harming the environment.

Upgrading your logistic performance is one of the crucial objectives that MutAgile will modestly contribute to. Would you like to structure the future of agile agglomeration in the 21st century?

Get in touch with MutAgile (info@MutAgile.com) now and have a great day!

Dr Yves Ekoué AMAÏZO, Ph D, MPhil, MBA, MA

Managing Director MutAgile Ltd & Co. KG