5. Mission & Shared Values


MutAgile is identifying what will shape your business in the future and moves swiftly towards understanding the unpredictable, the dynamic complexity of the context of Organizations in the 21st century.

√ MutAgile Company Mission

  1. Refresh Organizations’ business models and culture;
  2. Stop generating inertia in the decision-making process;
  3. Inspire positive transformation through a series of questionnaire-based trust building process;
  4. Create value and make a difference in an adverse competitive environment;
  5. Build mutual trust and loyalty;
  6. Work with social and ecological responsible actors;
  7. Push for agility and mutability management with inspired and networked people and partners.

√ MutAgile Shared Values

  1. Promotes stakeholder value primacy without jeopardizing shareholder value;
  2. Does not maximize short-term returns at the expenses of businesses’ long-term sustainable development;
  3. Looks for effective performance from both business and societal perspectives;
  4. Negotiates first with all concerned Stakeholders and let them know the outcomes of the negotiations as part of a cohesiveness approach;
  5. Commits towards contributing to the well-being of all concerned stakeholders of our projects.