8. Focus on African Markets


African Markets : Supply/Value Chains & Partnerships

A/ Partnership : Do you want to delocalize, create a company or enter any form of partnerships (franchising, concession, etc.), in Africa, there are solutions right now for the following sectors or value chains :

  1. Agro-industry plants/equipment for delocalization
  2. Anti-Fire Equipment & Vehicles
  3. Aroma Marketing
  4. Clean Energy with Zero Emission
  5. Decontamination Equipment
  6. Environmental technology
  7. Gas and Oil (electricity, transmission, etc.).
  8. Mobile telephony, Network software & Telecom
  9. Recycling industry
  10. Solar Energy
  11. Packaging Organic Stimulant Products (Dietary supplement/organic medicines from Africa)
  12. Waste Organization System & Equipment
  13. Advanced technologies for local content
  14. Aircraft Procurement, Financing, Leasing, Training & Advisory Services

B/ Face to Face Meetings with Decision-makers : Be prepared to travel to Africa and provide MutAgile Ltd & Co KG with your letter of intent or mandate including a flyer with the list of your main strength (or your website).

C/ Organisations of Business Development Events/Workshops

  1. In Africa
  2. In Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, United States
  3. In any country of interest 

D/ Contact us