Break The Chain of Infections: Test the Decontamination Equipment from Austria

09 Dec 2014, Posted by Yves Ekoué Amaïzo in Insights

Hygiene is usually associated with ‘what is good for the health’ and ‘what keeps you healthy’. Hygiene from an operational perspective commonly means ‘practices that prevent spread of disease-causing organisms’. Usual cleaning process such as hand washing helps remove dirt, soil and infectious microbes. From the perspective of public health, it becomes crucial for a…

The Value Added of Waste : Opt for a Modular Zero Emission Clean Energy

06 Dec 2014, Posted by Yves Ekoué Amaïzo in Insights

No Governments, no businesses should continue to close their eyes on the direct and collateral negative consequences of climate change on sustainable human development. If the historic responsibility of advanced industrialized countries should not be forgotten, everyone is concerned with carbon mitigation. Solutions must be found with interdependent and integrated technologies while mentalities are gradually…

MutAgile : Doing Business with Sverdlovsk Region, Russia

05 Dec 2014, Posted by Yves Ekoué Amaïzo in Insights

MutAgile identified the Sverdlovsk Region as one of the promising emerging economy of the Russian Federation. It is the Largest Russian industrial production Center with more than 40 % of total industrial products. It is a key investment center with an Agile Regional Development Strategy with Predictable investment environment; Qualified workforce; Dynamic small, medium and…