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Dr Yves Ekoue AMAIZO

Yves Ekoué Amaïzo is the Managing Director of MutAgile Ltd & Co. KG. He has more than 30 years of experience:

  • 10 years of Independent Consulting Services for Governments, Private Sector Institutions and Enterprises;
  • 20 years in the Management of International Projects with the United Nations involving both Governments and the Private Sector Entities.

He and his network of experts are now sharing their experience and knowledge.

He is an adept of disruptive technologies, integrated services processes and promote excellence in business project management.

Based on key questionnaires, he and his team have the capability to address concerns expressed by shareholders, management team and concerned stakeholders.

As an outcome, the roots of the difficulties of the project or business are identified.

Solutions are offered, discussed and decisions are made jointly including proposals on the transformation or adaptation of your business model.

Does it sound a bell to you as decision-makers?  If yes, simply get in touch with your problem or official request!

MutAgile will offer a solution!

Contact: Dr Yves Ekoué AMAÏZO
Mail : Ceo@mutagile.com

Managing Director MutAgile Ltd & Co. KG

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