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Sharing Values First

MutAgile Ltd & Co KG is a multi-cultural company.

We market your advance technology products and services, improve your market positioning and support you achieving competitive advantages.

As part of our consultancy advisory services, we support your business development with various agglomerated forms of expertise.

Our network of experts makes the difference as our main goal is to raise awareness on the required management change from ‘business-as-usual’ to ‘agile and mutability management’.

Outputs are aligned on your strategy and appear as written and concise reports, sometimes based on questionnaires, bottom-up approaches and stakeholder management theories. As Trading cannot be delinked from productive capacities, MutAgile Ltd & Co KG looks for a win-win consensus between buyers and sellers.

Our network of Senior Experts help you articulate your future development within a global and local value/supply chains. Logistic performance becomes an issue for us as your customers and suppliers are focusing on cost effectiveness. We help you build your mutability process with and not against your short and long-term talent Human resource.

Think ahead — and let MutAgile Ltd & Co KG make your business sustain its agility. MutAgile Ltd & Co KG focuses primarilly on Shared Values and Stakeholders’ Primacy.

Five Strategic Areas

Fee-based Services
  • Advisory & Consulting

    1. Private Sector Development
    2. Strategic Agility & Mutability Management
    3. Emerging Economies
    4. Wealth Creation & Industrialization
    5. Decent Job Creation
  • Private and / or Public Partnerships

    1. Oil Exploration & Exploitation
    2. Pipeline Construction (Oil, Water, Gas)
    3. PPP Project Company Management
    4. Financing Communal Projects
    5. Business Plan for Accessing Development Finance Institutions
  • Productive Capabilities & Capacities

    1. Identification of Business Partners
    2. Delocalization Process
    3. Positioning Businesses in their Value Chain
    4. Productivity Through Agglomeration
    5. Business Anchoring
  • Business Development & Trading

    1. Health Security
    2. Clean Energy
    3. Infrastructure & Construction
    4. Agro-Business & Supplying Commodities
    5. Delocalization of Productive Capacities
  • Knowledge Sharing & Training

    1. Financial Fraud & Crime
    2. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
    3. Business Agglomeration
    4. Facilitation of Entrepreneurs’ Logistics Performance
    5. Agile & mutability Management


Five Main Outputs

Fee-based Services
  • Output for Advisory & Consulting : A Report

    Smart Integration to Glocal Market

    Global / Local : National, Regional and International, Cross-cutting & Sectoral Approaches

    1. Private Sector Development : Technology Content Improvement & E-commerce

    2. Strategic Agility & Mutability Management : Stakeholder Management, Audit & Simplication of Decision-Making

    3. Emerging Economies : Pre-investiment Studies & Strategic Partnership with Emerging & African Economies

    4. Wealth Creation & Industrialization : Transformation & Diversification Process in a Glocal Value Chain

    5. Decent Job Creation : Specialization, Agglomeration & Complementarities

  • Output for Business Development & Trading : Strategic Analysis & Trading of Commodities, Equipment and Services

    Smart Wealth Creation

    Global / Local : National, Regional and International, Cross-cutting & Sectoral Approaches

    1. Health Security : Services, Equipment, Vehicles & Building : Selected Diagnosis, Protection, Decontamination, Mobile Health Services

    2. Clean Energy : Power Plant (Zero Emission Energy Plan using Waste, Gas Turbines, Wind Turbines, Solar Energy and Mini-Hydro Power)

    3. Infrastructure & Construction : Roads, Dam, Bridges, Canals, Pipelines, Water Treatment Plants, Building & Transportation

    4. Agro-Business & Supplying Commodities : Supplying Gold, Cocoa, Rice, Sugar, Hydrocarbons Products

    5. Delocalization of Productive Capacities : Food, Textiles, Wood, Packaging & Processing Medicinal Plants, Health Centers

  • Output for Public And / Or Private Partnership (PPP) : Project Implementation / Management

    Leveraging on New Opportunities

    Global / Local : National, Regional and International, Cross – cutting & Sectoral Approaches

    1. Oil Exploration & Exploitation : Based on a Government Request, A win-win Project is prepared & implemented

    2. Pipeline Construction (Oil, Water, Gas) : Based on a Restricted or Open Bidding Process of Governments, Services provided

    3. PPP Project Company Management : Based on a Government Request & a Win-win Return on Investment Diagnosis

    4. Financing Communal Projects with Government Guarantee : Looking for Co-financing Partners for Decentralized projects in Emerging Economies

    5. Business Plan for Accessing Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) : Preinvestment studies & Business Plan prepared for DFIs’ consideration

  • Output for Knowledge Sharing & Training : Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Courses, Experience Sharing

    Sharing Experiences

    Global / Local : National, Regional and International, Cross-cutting & Sectoral Approaches

    1. Financial Fraud & Crime : 1/2 Day up to one Semester Course (16 up to 40 Hours Lecturing + Case Studies)

    2. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies : 1/2 Day up to One Semester course (16 up to 40 Hours Lecturing + Case Studies)

    3. Business Agglomeration : Solutions for Moving Entrepreneurs from the informal Sector to the Formal Sector

    4. Facilitation of Entrepreneurs’ Logistic Performance : Efficiency in Value Chains using the Traceability of Organizations’ Logistic Performance

    5. Agile & Mutability Management : Improving Organizations’ competitive advantages based on Bottom-Up-Approaches

  • Output for Productive Capabilities & Capacities : New Production lines, Plants, Organizations Installed

    Change and Improve Production Systems

    Global / Local : National, Regional and International, Cross-cutting & Sectoral Approaches

    1. Identification of Business Partners : Based on Organizations’ official request & Business Profile

    2. Delocalization Process : Depending on the Business Environment & the integration into Global value Chains

    3. Positioning Businesses in Their Value Chain : Requirements for successful Organizations’ Change & Mutability

    4. Productivity Through Agglomeration : Upgrade from Stand-Alone to Interdependent Service Providers

    5. Business / Government Anchoring : Identifying Above-average Models & benefit from already implemented projects/Programs

Who we Are ?

About MutAgile

MutAgile works with individual experts or with a group of experts under the leadership of the Managing Director of MutAgile Ltd & Co. KG;

MutAgile builds Project-based teams with the active participation of Human resources from the clients;

MutAgile assists customers in developing their partnership strategy, finding strategic partners and identifying anchor partners/country/economies with special focus on emerging economies;

MutAgile supports the transformation of your business model towards agility and mutability.

MutAgile arranges for consensus building and trust recovery as a means to improve your business competitive advantages.

About the CEO

Yves Ekoué Amaïzo is the Managing Director of MutAgile Ltd & Co. KG. He has more than 30 years of experience:

10 years of Independent Consulting Services for Governments, Private Sector Institutions and Enterprises;

20 years in the Management of International Projects with the United Nations involving both Governments and the Private Sector Entities.

He and his network of experts are now sharing their experience and knowledge.

He is an adept of disruptive technologies, integrated services processes and promote excellence in business project management.

Based on key questionnaires, he and his team have the capability to address concerns expressed by shareholders, management team and concerned stakeholders.

As an outcome, the roots of the difficulties of the project or business are identified.

Solutions are offered, discussed and decisions are made jointly including proposals on the transformation or adaptation of your business model.

Does it sound a bell to you as decision-makers ? If yes, simply get in touch with your problem or official request !

MutAgile will offer a solution !


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+1 940 604 74 48
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MutAgile LIMITED – Ltd & Co KG
Registered in Irland
Company No. 685208
2C Grangegorman Lower
Grangegorman Court
Dublin 7
Dublin D07 X8R6

Also registered in Austria, Niederösterreich
Company No. 426118w
UID No. ATU70086015
Wendlingerstrasse 36/5
A 2232 Deutsch-Wagram

Transforming your Business Model

MutAgile offers a customized business model based on innovative approaches. The main purpose is to create value in Identified Market Niches while addressing specialized public and private customer segments.

The main advantage of partnering with MutAgile Ltd. & Co. KG is to reduce risk and uncertainty while creating value. It does require a common understanding of a value driven business model. How do you value the pricing of a green productive world should help defining our common project goals.

Building blocks of revenue streams for our clients required: Personal support, disruptive technologies, agile business project management and joint-conception of projects and businesses.

Doing business with MutAgile starts with awareness and project appraisal with stakeholders. Offering or purchase goods and services, delivering effective results with after-sales management are further preconditions for getting the ‘job’ done.

Value-added services to both Governments and private entities may not necessarily end up with the usual investment based on 100 % down payment with sometimes new debt rescheduling headaches. Alternative solutions for productive capacity transfers and productive capability diffusion require a mix of lending, renting and leasing with gradual transfer of full or partial licensing package. MutAgile could identify those alternatives for you. Access to a new permission to use protected intellectual property in exchange of licensing fees is a good example of MutAgile deals. The concept simply favors the leapfrogging of weakly and emerging industrialized economies while neutralizing the usual destructive competition approach.

Consultancy coaching fees becomes a subscription fees for a short-term co-management of specific glocal (global and local) projects. Fixed menu pricing or dynamic pricing heavily depends on the overall MutAgile negotiation facilities which is oriented towards the satisfaction of our clients.

MutAgile’s alternative forms of business models contribute to agility and mutability in transforming coopetitive landscapes across industries. Seven interdependent key modus operandi are of particular importance in achieving mutability:

  • The coordination of a glocal grid of experts;
  • The operationalization of competition and cooperation (coopetition);
  • The importance of ‘Doing business’ with State, regions and municipalities while limiting risk for private investors;
  • The rebalancing role of the African Diaspora in the competitive multicultural economy;
  • The creation of unexpected value taking advantages with strategic alliances between non-competitors using agile joint-ventures to jointly mutate;
  • The forward-looking transformation of shareholder primacy to stakeholder primacy; and
  • The new interest for rating and doing business with agglomerated municipalities mixing autonomy and integration without harming the environment.

Upgrading your logistic performance is one of the crucial objectives that MutAgile will modestly contribute to. Would you like to structure the future of agile agglomeration in the 21st century?

Get in touch with MutAgile now and have a great day!

Mission & Shared Values

MutAgile is identifying what will shape your business in the future and moves swiftly towards understanding the unpredictable, the dynamic complexity of the context of Organizations in the 21st century.

√ MutAgile Company Mission

  • Refresh Organizations’ business models and culture ;
  • Stop generating inertia in the decision-making process ;
  • Inspire positive transformation through a series of questionnaire-based trust building process ;
  • Create value and make a difference in an adverse competitive environment ;
  • Build mutual trust and loyalty ;
  • Work with social and ecological responsible actors ;
  • Push for agility and mutability management with inspired and networked people and partners.

√ MutAgile Shared Values

  • Promotes stakeholder value primacy without jeopardizing shareholder value ;
  • Does not maximize short-term returns at the expenses of businesses’ long-term sustainable development ;
  • Looks for effective performance from both business and societal perspectives ;
  • Negotiates first with all concerned Stakeholders and let them know the outcomes of the negotiations as part of a cohesiveness approach ;
  • Commits towards contributing to the well-being of all concerned stakeholders of our projects.

Focus on African Markets

African Markets

Supply / Value Chains & Partnerships

Partnership :

Do you want to delocalize, create a company or enter any form of partnerships (franchising, concession, etc.), in Africa, there are solutions right now for the following sectors or value chains :

  • Agro-industry plants/equipment for delocalization
  • Anti-Fire Equipment & Vehicles
  • Aroma Marketing
  • Clean Energy with Zero Emission
  • Decontamination Equipment
  • Environmental technology
  • Gas and Oil (electricity, transmission, etc…)
  • Mobile telephony, Network software & Telecom
  • Recycling industry
  • Solar Energy
  • Packaging Organic Stimulant Products (Dietary supplement/organic medicines from Africa)
  • Waste Organization System & Equipment
  • Advanced technologies for local content
  • Aircraft Procurement, Financing, Leasing, Training & Advisory Services

Organisations of Business Development Events/Workshops :

  • In Africa
  • In Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, United States
  • In any country of interest

Face to Face Meetings with Decision-makers :

Be prepared to travel to Africa and provide MutAgile Ltd & Co KG with your letter of intent or mandate including a flyer with the list of your main strength (or your website).

Transfer of Technology

On-going advisory services and transfer of technology & know-how


Transfer of Technology Solutions with Mobile & Bio-Disinfection and Decontamination Equipment

Nosocomial Infection
1. A nosocomial infection – also known as a Hospital-acquired infection or a healthcare-associated infection –  is commonly acquired in a hospital or in non-hospital settings outside health care facilities
2. Often acquired in hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, outpatient clinic, diagnostic laboratory, or other clinical settings, nosocomial infection is spread to susceptible patients in the closed room/space/area setting by various means. 
3. Health care staff and incoming human-being can also spread infection, in addition to contaminated equipment, bed linens, or air droplets, meaning surface and air must be disinfected and decontaminated
4. The infection can originate from the outside environment, another infected patient, staff that may be infected, or in some cases, the source of the infection cannot be determined. 
5. Unpredictable microorganism originates from the patient’s own skin microbiota may become opportunistic after surgery or other procedures that compromise the protective skin barrier. 
6. Nano-insects, fungi, bacteria may as well be the cause of the spread of nosocomial infection in closed rooms
7. Acknowledgment of surface and air potential contamination is key in eradicating nosocomial infections.
  • Value Added: Stop the Spread of Infections in in Closed Areas in a Very Short Time
  • Eradication of 99,9999+% of Nosocomial Infections
  • Possibility of Producing both Equipment and Solutions “Made in Africa” with Austrian Companies and Know-How
  • Potential Clients: Health organizations (Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Ambulances), Cleansing Firms, Health Related Equipment Producers, Food Warehouses, Decontamination Projects, Airports, Schools (Nursery/Kindergarten), Foundation, Decentralized Public Offices/Rooms

Powerfull Advanced DCX Technology from AUSTRIA in Operation

  1. Fast Rooms and Surfaces Complete Decontamination/Disinfection
  2. No need to move out Equipment, even the most sensitive
  3. No smell and no odors
  4. No rust, no change of colors, no modification of the original environment


Aircraft Facilities: Acquisition, Leasing, Consulting

  • Procurement, Financing, Leasing, Training, Fleet Strategy and Planning Services
  • Consulting & Customized Solutions Upon Request


Production of Bio-Cosmetics Products in Africa and Advisory Services

Advisory and Consulting Services (Opportunity Study)

  • Formalities for business creation through the Local ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Window
  • Contact Facilitation with Local Authorities for Fiscal Incentives
  • Identification of Local Financing Possibilities
  • Land Identification and Purchase for the Installation of Bio-Cosmetic Production Line
  • Market Positioning and Competitors (National, Regional and International)
  • Negotiation of Tax Exemptions, Fiscal Incentives and Appropriate Grace Period
  • Feasibility Study and/or Business Plan


(E-Car and E-Bus and E-Power Station) and Related Technologies

View Project Profile: Transfer of Technology E-Vehicles (Pdf)

  • Official Request from Governments interested in innovative technologies and willing to purchase packaged solutions in the production of E-vehicles
  • Up-grading, modernization or transformation of existing Industries will be advisable before entering this business
  • State Guarantee or Down Payment will be required before discussions start with all concerned Partners
  • Fiscal Incentives and Grace period are preconditions for the success of this project
  • Identification of International funds possible based on the State Guarantee
  • African Interested Partners will be invited for a 3-4 days visit of main production companies (E-vehicules, Advanced Plastic, Design companies, Electronic and Computerized facilities, batteries technologies, Training, etc.)
  • Multi-partners Negotiation Process
  • Public-Private Partnership will be appreciated with shared risks
  • Feasibility Study and/or Business Plan to be undertaken by the Requesting Parties


Transformation Fruits, Vegetables, Roots, Cereals with Small Advanced Technologies

  • Doing Business directly in rural areas
  • Create Agrofood Jobs in the field
  • No longer post-harvest losses
  • Transformation and Packaging on the Spot
  • Modular Investment in Equipment, Easing Financing Possibilities
  • Upgrading to a full-fledged Agro-industrial Production Line
  • Pre-investment, Feasibility Study and/or Business Plan

They Trust Us

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