MutAgile : Doing Business with Sverdlovsk Region, Russia

MutAgile identified the Sverdlovsk Region as one of the promising emerging economy of the Russian Federation 1. It is the Largest Russian industrial production Center with more than 40 % of total industrial products. It is a key investment center with an Agile Regional Development Strategy with

  1. Predictable investment environment;
  2. Qualified workforce;
  3. Dynamic small, medium and large industrial enterprises;
  4. Open to a win-win business partnership with both public and private entities.

With a population of over 4.31 million people, the capital of Sverdlovsk Region is Ekaterinburg, with 1.39 million people in 2013.

The Sverdlovsk Region offers a large range of high-level and technical educational institutions. As a result, more than 300 small, medium and large innovation-focused enterprises with at least eight business incubators, three venture funds and an advanced innovation center for Small and Medium Businesses. With ten regional industrial centers, the Sverdlovsk Region has a large range of manufacturing facilities and many of them are willing to delocalize to Emerging economies, especially Africa. Time has come for Russia for Emerging partnerships with Africa.

Following industrial sectors could be part of a Business and/or Government Anchoring Win-Win Strategy. If you are a reliable promoter with either a ready to implement business plan or a written Partnership request, you may contact MutAgile for further advisory services in the development of your productive capacities and capabilities.

Requirements for Actions

  • Agro-industry (Production)
  • Aluminium (Production Of)
  • BioMedical Cluster with Non-profit Partnership for the Production and Sales of Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Equipment and Health Care Products
  • Cable and Rubber products (Production)
  • Chemical industries (Production)
  • Compressor and Cryogenic Equipment (Production)
  • Copper (Production)
  • Gold (Production)
  • Hi-Tech Metal (Production)
  • Hotel and exhibition infrastructure (Class A and B)
  • Infrastructure projects (key-turn projects)
  • Iron Ore Raw Materials (Production)
  • Locomotives, Wagon & Workshops (Production)
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Machining (Production)
  • Oil Production
  • Power Generation (Production)
  • Railway Vehicles
  • Road Construction Machinery (Production)
  • Silver (Production)
  • Steel and Cast Iron, Metal products (Production)
  • Titanium (Production)
  • Transformers (Production)
  • Wood and Wood processing industries (Production)

Industrial Areas







MutAgile Ltd & Co.

Finally, the Sverdlovsk Region offers investment incentives for potential investors such as awareness-raising and consulting facilities, assistance in administrative simplification, easy transfer of state-own property to private own property, financial support including capital bridging, budget funded investment, co-financing, subsidizing partially interest rate for approved investment loans, tax holidays, special customs treatment, etc.

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